Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I'm a little addicted to watching a few of the "talking heads" explain the latest political intrigues to me.  Around dinner time I switch on the TV and catch the nightly Rachel Maddow Show, sometimes with a bit of the shows on either side of hers.  I realize these are considered "left-leaning" and that's OK with me because they also include guests who are Conservatives, or experts in their fields, or other journalists.  I think Rachel's logic and mine are akin and I admire her curiosity and determination to "get to the bottom of this" -- whatever the topic.  She's been doing some very insightful commentary and airing some very intriguing investigative journalism lately.

Still, politics these days gives me a headache.  And a heartache.  I can easily tip into a state of overwhelm, dismay, disgust, and dis-ease about what is happening to our great Republic.  Nothing looks promising right now and I still don't understand those who support this Administration nor why.  It makes no sense to me at all.  And I've been trying; I really have.  Just don't get it.  Wired differently, I guess.

So, when I'm watching sometimes I start to feel a little woozy; a little itchy; a little nauseated.  Then  I realized it might not be the content of the program, but the ads.

In just a little over an hour, I saw a plethora of commercials for treatment of these ailments:  nerve
pain, diarrhea, psoriasis, Alzheimers, Hep C, constipation, dark spots, cold sores, dry skin, nasal congestion, arthritis, heartburn, chemotherapy side-effects, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, over-active bladder, insomnia.  I listened to the symptoms which defined each of these, how they impacted the lives of those suffering these ailments, and then listened to how a pill or medication or treatment would relieve this suffering, then to the side-effects of the medication which were far worse than the original ailment.  A steady diet of these ads and soon my health anxiety is through the roof (but not to worry, there is a pill for that.)

I've taken to recording the shows, so I can zip through the commercials because I will not be convinced to turn off the TV.  I am "old-school" that way (and judging by the ads, anyone watching is considered in the "older" demographic anyway, so I'm right where I should be) and I like switching on the "nightly news".

Plus, anyone who says (among other despicable things) that the media/press is the 'enemy of the people' is permanently on my shit list.  I have a lifelong, unyielding trust in the "mainstream media" -- those news outlets that I believe are dedicated to finding the truth, to reporting with integrity, to informing the public in a nonpartisan, non-biased manner.  I trust long-standing publications like the New York Times, the Washington Post, the network newscasters, the unbiased cable outlets, NPR, PBS, BBC, political magazines of long-standing, and even some newer online journals and outlets. It's easy to tell which are biased and which way.  I read the Leftist ones with as much skepticism as those on the Right.  What's suddenly wrong with being "mainstream"?  What's wrong with looking at an issue and seeing both sides and coming to an informed conclusion based on facts?  When did that become something to deride?

Maybe it's a medication side-effect.

At least, that's the view from here...©

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Here's a link to an article I saw online this morning about how doing art is a stress-reliever.

That explains it.

I have become addicted to adult coloring books.  (Hmmm....sounds rather racy; maybe I should say coloring books for adults?)

Here is my latest book, among the half-dozen I've already completed.  Hub gave it to me for Christmas and I made myself hold off on starting it until I finished the others.  I realize this is a bit OCD.  We will not go there; I'm already in a fragile state due to the political undoing of our country.

I've never considered myself to be a creative visual artist.  I've taken some photographs I like and feel they are artfully composed, but I can't draw, paint, or sculpt "freehand" with any degree of confidence or artistry. I like simple collage because I feel it is a forgiving medium -- until I see those collage artists who do it so masterfully and I realize my attempts are elementary and amateurish.

And then along came the adult coloring book phenomenon.  (Yes, I said it again, but you know what I mean.)  Someone else came up with the designs and all I gotta do is find the type of coloring utensil I like best and go to it!  I've settled on brush tip watercolor pens.  Oh, how the color glides over the paper!  So satisfying!  I have no patience for the fine tips, so my colors often overlap the lines, but who cares?  I also often do it in the low light conditions of a small lamp while watching TV and the next morning I'm amazed at the amount of white still showing through some areas of my painting, but again, who cares?

I fully and completely realize I am NOT doing this coloring so much to create art as to relax and de-stress.  The minute I haul out my book and dump out my pens, my heart rate slows, my breathing is deeper, and I can watch the nightly talking heads on MSNBC and CNN without quaking (too much).

I don't plan anything ahead of time, choosing the colors as I go, making intuitive choices about what color goes where and never really knowing what the final result will be.  I find I am mostly satisfied and wonder what sub-conscious part of my brain is thinking for me.  It's definitely a totally "right brain" endeavor and I'm liking making friends with that part of me.  I'm learning to trust her choices.

So, here's a little gallery of my work.  Don't look too closely...oh, hell, who cares?  No apologies!  I'm having fun and de-stressing.  We all gotta do something to stay sane as the daily craziness from Washington DC engulfs our "left brain" which mostly has taken to repeating,  "WTF is going on here?  I can't believe what I'm seeing and hearing.  I don't get it.  It makes no sense."  Poor little left brain, always trying to make sense of things.  Just grab a marker and let it flow...

At least, that's the view from here...©

Monday, February 6, 2017


I'm pretty proud of a new song and video released yesterday.  I have very little right to be; I only had a small part in making it real.

But remember in December I posted this https://myviewfromhere-donna.blogspot.com/2016/12/create-art-saves-lives.html   and talked about scribbling out some words and dashing them off to musician friends?  One of them took it and turned it into a song and video after reworking and adding to what I'd sent.  He then wrote the music and went into the studio alone, and then with other musicians, to record it.  Then, when it was ready, he created a video to go along with it and posted it on YouTube.

None of us involved in it are savvy enough to know how to market it effectively, so we are just sharing on Facebook and alerting a few friends who work in radio, TV, and newspapers, so, really it might just languish, which would be too bad.  He's worked hard and I think it is inspiration for the resistance!  Feel free to share widely if you like it....

And I hope you do.  Click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTeyiuHPQz0

At least that's the view from here.... ©