Saturday, March 31, 2012


There were tigers stalking us yesterday.  "Angel" saw them vividly and insisted we take refuge, with some urgency,  under the dining room table.  We formed a fortress of protection behind the legs of the chairs and an invisible door slammed and locked tight provided another barrier.  There was much cowering and fearful countenance.

And then I thought, "Enough of this hiding and hoping...FIGHT BACK!"  So I said to my 2-1/2 year old "grand" --- "Angel!  Open the door!  We have to send those tigers back into the jungle!"  So she pushed the imaginary door aside, upended one of the chairs, and we GROWLED until our vocal chords stretched to the straining point, yelling, "GO AWAY! LEAVE US ALONE! WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE!" Soon, indeed, the tigers retreated.  We laughed in joy and "high-fived" our success before breaking out the color crayons.

Yes, my baby girl.  Much in our worlds can be scary -- including our inner worlds where irrational fears arise and often paralyze us with their intensity.  It is wise to retreat, take stock, and make a plan.  But getting stuck in passive hiding-out doesn't usually result in the problem being resolved.

There are times when we must take a stand, wield the Warrior's Sword, and defend ourselves with all the wisdom, skill, and strength we possess.

At least, that's the view from here....©

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

REVEAL OR CONCEAL?'s been over a month since I posted my first entry in this blog.  Truth is, I sort of chickened out.   I checked around with some of the Sues and Jims and most were enthusiastic about me doing this and some were cautious, with concerns about issues of confidentiality in this time of identity thefts, copyright infringements, crazy stalkers...I don't know.  I've decided to go ahead, embracing the encouragement and considering the cautions.

I think it might be generational.  My younger Facebook friends don't seem to have these qualms.  They post where they are every minute of the day, who they are with, who their family members are, where they work or go to school, their ever-changing relationship status, poems and songs they have written,  videos and photos of themselves in various states of drunkenness....either they are extremely naive or my age-mates are very paranoid.

I have conflicting tendencies.  On one hand I have always said I live my life out loud.  I tend to reveal a lot about myself.  I want to connect with others and I see no way of doing this in a meaningful way without being revealing of my own joys and challenges, foibles, and follies.  On the other hand, my inherent introversion and "the bad guys'll get ya!" fears keep me struggling to find a balance between revealing and concealing.  So, I suppose I'll be doing that dance here too.  (Hence, the whole name thing).

So, about Facebook.  I joined in 2009, reluctantly, but curious.  It was at the urging of my niece in Arizona as a fun way to keep in touch.  I am now officially sort of addicted.  (Love that "sort of" qualifier!  Can one be "sort of" an addict?  I think, really, you are or you aren't... I are).  I sign in many, many times throughout the day to see who's posted, who's commented, who's doing what...I have fallen prey to classical operant conditioning...the intermittent reward of a possible update keeps me coming back for more!  I'm one of those chickens pecking at the lever to release a food pellet down the 'ol gullet!  I've lately tried to decide if this addiction is dangerous, and in true addict-think I've decided it's not.  It's enjoyable, not hurting anyone, I still live a full and productive life in the real world, and I can (sort of) tolerate not having internet access on occasion (hmmm...sort of?).   I've re-connected with some old friends, become closer to acquaintances, and found the answer to the introvert's dilemma of wanting/needing social contact without having to carry on long awkward conversations in public places, then coming away exhausted.  What could possibly go wrong????

At least that's the view from here....©