I will try to make a list of links to my blog posts by subject here.  It's a work in progress....I have to do it manually for each post since 2012!

Not every post fits neatly into a subject since I often end up a ways from where I started.  But this might help you find something close to your interest.

You can also use the "labels" at the end of each post to find other posts using those words to identify content.

Time Is On My Side (Speeding up with age/slowing down with meditation) Apr. 21, 2012
Blood Pressure...Is That The Pink One? May 30, 2012
Resting Into Awakening (Slowing the pace) May 30, 2012
Ch..Ch..Ch...Changes June 24, 2012
"Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself..." (Obituaries) Aug. 31, 2012
Happy New Year (Still alive; still eager) Jan.4, 2013
Malfunction (Loving who you are) March 5,2013
Wise to Be W.I.S.E. (A group for women over 60) Apr. 18, 2014
Age -- A State of Mind (What is old?) July 26, 2014
Boldly Go (A sort of rant) Jan.2, 2015
Ages and Stages Part 1: Parenting Adults (They grew up; back offt?) Mar. 4, 2015.
Elders in the Jungle Oct. 27, 2015

Tigers Of The Mind (Grandparenting) March 31, 2012
Pioneers Of The Heart-Land (Adoption) Apr. 6, 2012
With This Ring, I Thee Wed (Reflections on a long marriage) July 24, 2012
Pretty in Pink (Grandparenting) Nov. 13, 2012
Hands Down (Smooth & rugged) Nov. 8, 2012
Birthing Creativity (A Mothers Day testament) May 14, 2013
Real Men Eat Red Meat (Fathers Day food) June 21, 2013
Here Comes the Bride? (Wedding prep) Aug.6, 2013
Meet the Fockers (Wedding bliss and in-laws) Oct. 1, 2013
Four Hugs a Day (Good and bad hugs) Oct. 9, 2013
Teach Your Children Well (Grandparenting) Oct. 23, 2013
May the Force Be with You Darlin' (Hub hits a tree) Feb. 24, 2014
Rare Traits (Redheads - see Gingers Unite under World Changes) March 1, 2014
Random Gratitude (Putting under Family, because I announce our new granddaughter here!) Oct 9, 2014
Give It the Axe (The scent of an adult child at home) Oct. 17, 2014
Ritual Ties That Bind (Our baby shower) Feb. 21, 2015
A Perfect Gem (Our granddaughter's birth) March 1, 2015
Motherhood Reimagined (again? did not recall I already did this one! It's revised though.) May 10, 2015
Altered States (Grandparenting) May 22, 2015
A Rose By Any Other Name.. (Changing my name) Oct. 7, 2015
Baby Brother (Rumination on my brother's death) Jan. 26, 2016
Babies and Belts: Both Challenging (Baby won't sleep; belt won't save my wardrobe) Feb. 7, 2016

You Say Tomato, I Say Disaster (Not a good gardener) May 20, 2013
Proud Parents (The tomatoes grow) July 3, 2013
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary (Gardening) Aug. 2, 2013
So Proud (Tomato harvest) Aug.19, 2013
Gardening 2.0 (Season 2 in the garden) June 10, 2014

Mom (Dementia & death) July 6, 2012
Life and Death (Our dog has cancer) Sept. 28, 2012
Goodbye (Our Toby dies) Feb. 5,2013
And Then There Were None (Our Cooper cat dies) March 22, 2013
Mama (Remembering my mom at Christmas) Dec. 21, 2014
Valentine's Day Lament (Missing mom) Feb. 14, 2015
Ages and Stages, Part 2: Memorial Services (Planning mine) Mar 15, 2015
Ages and Stages, Part 3: Don't Know When What Happens When People Die April 1, 2015

Barack, Booze, And Rock N'roll July 21, 2012
Cruising Speed (Moving past depression) Oct. 20, 2012
Rockin' in my chair n'rollin' my yarn ball (Slow and sweet) Jan. 10, 2012
Food Fight (Piggin' out) Jan. 18, 2013
Thumbtoearasana (Yoga Klutz) March 30, 2013
Lookin' for Fun and Feelin' Grumpy (Bah!) May 29, 2013
A Poke in the Eye (Glad it wasn't worse) June 26,2013
Circles of Hell (Mammogram scare) Dec. 11, 2013
Half Moon Falling (More Yoga Klutz) Jan. 2, 2014
Yoga Dialectic (Just breathe) May 6, 2014
Excited, Also Sick & Tired (A mash up of good & bad) May 28, 2014
Back from the Brink (Depression is no fun) Sept. 22, 2014
Ease on Down the Road (Trying to like exercise) Oct. 11, 2014
Kiss a Sheep (Chapped lip remedy) Nov. 23, 2014
A Longing to Drift (Lazy days for the soul) Feb. 16, 2015
Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me March 12, 2015
Reach Around (Silly measure of health) June 16, 2015
The Crazy (Headaches, etc) July 10, 2015
Food Issues (Gluten Free? Me?) July 31, 2015
A Little Bit of Fitbit (A great gadget) Aug. 23, 2015
Here Comes the Sun--Oh No! (Skin cancer?) Nov. 23, 2015
It All Sucks (Being depressed) Feb. 28, 2016
Addendum to the Sucky Post (Going to the doctor) Feb. 29, 2016
One Last Update with Gratitude (feeling better) Mar. 7, 2016
Treadmills and TV (get moving; whatever works) Apr. 9, 2016

Christmas Fail (Bad shopping day) Dec. 10, 2012
Makin' A List (Busy, busy, busy) Dec.12, 2012
Let It Snow? (A dusting stops traffic) Dec. 18, 2012
Solstice-Light-Worldend-Birthday-Cake-Doc (So much to celebrate) Dec. 21, 2012
Christmas Recap Dec. 28, 2012
Slip Out the Back, Jack..Make a New Plan, Stan... (Grumpy about resolutions) Jan. 10, 2013
Here Be Dragons! (A St. David's Day party) Feb. 28, 2013
Santa Baby (PTA mom in the sex shop) Dec. 17, 2013
Maxine Speaks for Me (Pondering resolutions) Dec. 29, 2013
Time Flies and It's Thanksgiving (already) Nov. 19, 2014
Life Lessons from the Nutcracker (Lighten up) Dec. 1, 2014
Scrooge You, Christmas (Bah Humbug!) Dec. 13, 2014
Adjustments Must Be Made (When Mom gets moved aside) Dec. 15, 2014
The Needing Season (A fiction based on reality) Dec. 23, 2014
Grateful At Last (finding peace AFTER Christmas) Dec. 26, 2014
Memories of Memorial Days Past (Childhood memories) May 24, 2015
Come From Away...And More (holiday outings) Dec. 9, 2015
Easter Musings (Petticoats and Snowboards) Mar. 27, 2016

Slip-Slidin' Away (Taking a fall) June 6.2012
Another Fine Mess (Our extra house) June 29, 2014
Dancing Queen (Hub & I go to "dance camp") July 13, 2014
Not Funny (My car accident) Sept. 9, 2014
Two Near Misses and a Couple of Full-on Fails (I'm a ditz) Sept. 14, 2014

Scheduling Sanity (Getting control of the "busy") Apr. 10, 2012
The Twins (Introversion and hedonism) Aug. 20,2012
I Am Woman, Watch Me Cry (Crying is good)) Apr. 10, 2013
Limps and Swaggers (Looking within) Sept. 3, 2013
Let Your Heart Sing (My solo) Oct. 26, 2013
A Place to Call Home (Commitment) Dec. 20, 2013
I'll Have the Steamed Yoni, Please (womb honoring practice) Oct. 31, 2016

Politicians...They Are Not All The Same Aug. 22, 2012
Make My Day (So many guns) Aug. 23, 2012
Step Ford Sister-Wife (The Romneys and me) Aug. 30, 2012
The Sacrament (Voting) Oct. 26, 2012
Money Can't Buy Me Gov (Another win for Obama) Nov. 8, 2012
"Suffer the Little Children To Come Unto Me.." (Newtown shootings) Dec. 16, 2012
Color Me Happy (The Inauguration) Jan. 24, 2013
"All Men Are Created Equal" (Except...) (Marriage Equality) March 13, 2013
A Hoodie Does Not a Criminal Make (Mistaken identity/spider) Aug. 15, 2013
Where Were You? (JFK Assassination) Nov. 24, 2013
Ratings and Rantings (TV ratings and news) Dec. 10, 2013
Choose Hope (A local school shooting) Oct. 24, 2014
It Was Inevitable: Politics 2016 (About the campaign so far...) Feb. 21, 2016
Political Dismay (Trumped) Mar. 16, 2016

From Amen To Om Apr. 16, 2012
Dream Weaver June 13, 2012
For What It's Worth (What's next on the path?) Feb. 21, 2013
Short Rant (Feeling pissed & breathing) Apr. 10, 2013
Ecstasy  (The Ecstatic Dance practice) Apr. 24, 2013
My Stint as First Lady (Hub is church Pres.) March 10, 2014
Acceptance, Release, and Surrender (Lessons from Yoga class) March 13, 2014
Seeking Peace (We only have the moment) March 26,2014
My Day with Amma, Part 1 (The Hugging Saint) June 3, 2015
My Day with Amma, Part 2 (The Hugging Saint) June 8, 2015
I Am A UU (National convention of my faith community) June 29, 2015
Stepping Back (Conflict at church) Aug. 16, 2015
Reveal Or Conceal March 28, 2012
"Friend" Me Sometime! July 2, 2012
Super Kids (Talented and driven) Apr. 15,2013
Dear Diary (Lost my journal) July 9, 2013
Ripple Effect (Grumpy Facebook) Aug.7, 2013
Techno-Nerd Q & A (What I'd like to know..) March 15,2014
Digital Mania (selfies, etc.) July 23, 2015
An Apple A Day (technology frustrations) March 25, 2016

If This Is The Plague.... (Kauai, Hawaii) May 1, 2012
Hiking...For The Birds May 4, 2012
You're So Full Of Should (Adventure advice from strangers) May 9, 2012
If I'm Here, Can I Also Be There? (Reading while traveling) May 21, 2012
The Camp Life (Adventures in camping) July 13, 2012
Sounds of Freedom (Saluting the CCC) Sept. 26, 2012
So Join Us Here Each Week My Friend, You're Sure to Get a Smile (Cruise ships on Kauai) May 2, 2013
Ya Spot It, Ya Got It (I was mean; I'm sorry) May 4, 2013
Murder and Mayhem at the Marriott (What's in those e-readers?) May 5, 2013
Fear of Flying (Nervous in the air) May 13, 2013
Kauai Again Jan. 26, 2014
A Whiter Shade of Pale (Kauai gets cloudy) Feb. 1, 2014
I Am My Sunshine (Rainy weather) Feb. 9, 2014
Start Spreadin' the News (Heading to NYC) Apr. 18, 2014
A Bite of the Apple (Recap of NYC trip) May 1, 2014
A Three Hour Tour...A Three Hour Tour (Prepping for a cruise) July 29, 2014
Things I Learned on My Summer Vacation, Part 1 (Alaska Cruise) Aug. 16, 2014
Things I Learned on My Summer Vacation, Part 2 (Alaska cruise) Aug. 22, 2014
Things I Learned on My Summer Vacation, Part 3 (Alaska cruise) Aug. 27, 2014
The Friendly Skies? (Still don't like flying) April 20, 2015
The Truth Behind the Highlight Reel (Vacation on Facebook) April 28, 2015
Old Friends at the Beach (Finding favorite authors) May 3, 2015
Monuments & Memorials (Washington DC) Sept. 9, 2015
A Night at the Museum. I Mean Days and Days... (Washington DC) Sept. 15, 2015
USA! USA! USA! (Washington DC) Sept. 16, 2015
Elders in the Jungle (World Elder Gathering in Hawaii) Oct. 27, 2015
Starry, Starry Night...Or Not (Stargazing in Hawaii) Oct. 28, 2015

Define Simple (Were the good old days really that good?) June 11, 2012
Calling Ricky Nelson (Reminiscing) Aug. 6, 2012
Without This, Who Am I? (Stepping back) Oct. 25, 2012
From Tea Cakes to Starbucks (New socializing customs) Nov. 13, 2012
7 - 10 Split (I used to be a bowler) Apr. 25, 2013
Gingers Unite! (I used to be a redhead) Feb. 6, 2014
Needing a Shower (Or new dishes) March 5, 2014
Walmart and Pubic Styles (Who knew?! I do now.) Sept. 24, 2014
Pocket Rant (Whatever happened to pockets?) Oct. 13, 2014

Getting Started Feb. 13, 2012
2 + 2 = Free Verse Apr. 4, 2012
Jack Was Nimble (Tribute to a poet & teacher) Jan. 17, 2013
What's It All About? (Writer's block) Oct. 3, 2013
Express Yourself (Own your creativity) May 12, 2014
A New Blog! (I get paid to write it!) June 13, 2014
Nothin' Much to Say (but I did) Feb. 12 2015

I'm With You In Spirit Apr. 3, 2012
Good Hair Day Apr. 29, 2012 
Tp Wars (Replacing the roll) Sept. 16, 2012
Carrots and Cows and Snickers, Oh My! (Random food thoughts) Nov. 8, 2012
Three Summer Shorts (Sunshine, US Mail, RSVP) July 29, 2013
Listen Here You Little Pipsqueak (Rant re newspaper delivery) Nov. 27, 2013
Papers and Popes (An update on the delivery problem) Dec. 10, 2013
Happy Humming (A bird to love) March 28, 2014
Slacker (A well-intentioned day) June 3, 2014
Things That Go Bump in the Night (Home alone) Oct. 30, 2014
Kitchen Secrets Ala Vegas (I'm a lousy cook) Jan. 7, 2015
Call Me Sentimental (tears of joy and sorrow in pubic) Mar. 30, 2016

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